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ethiopia-mapWe have continued to strengthen our capacity in Ethiopia to deliver Early Childhood Development initiatives. We have focused on the training of healthcare workers & teachers, educating families, communities and providing services to improve Early Childhood Development practice.

Our Programmatic Approach has meant shared learning from the successes in Tanzania can help develop and better inform our School Readiness Model with our Partners in Ethiopia.

Why do we work in Ethiopia?

  • One of the poorest countries – Ranked 170 out of 181 countries in Human Development Index
  • Population 95m, of which 78% live below the poverty line of $2 a day
  • 55% of youth are illiterate and school completion rates are very low
  • A lot of these issues are rooted in poor early childhood experiences

Why are we working with young children?

  • The early years is where we have the biggest impact – 44% of the population are under 14 years old
  • Children with good early childhoods do better in life – healthier, do better in school, earn more money
  • 40% of under 5’s are stunted (undernourished) which affects growth and brain development and 75% of them do not attend any pre-school meaning they are not ready to learn when they reach primary schools. This compromises their lives before they have barely begun
  • Parents often don’t know how important these early years are and are not skilled in what they need to do to provide the best opportunities for their children

What are we doing about it?

  • Improving early education for around 10,000 children in 54 government primary schools in Addis Ababa (the capital city) with our partner ‘School Readiness Initiative’ – Children in Crossfire is directly supporting nutritional snacks for 3,000 vulnerable children as part of a bigger programme that is training teachers and providing learning materials/books
  • Our NOURISH programme in Wolisso (about 200km south-west of Addis) addresses issues of acute malnutrition in an area of 1m people (South West Shoa). We have saved the lives of over 3,000 children since 2010 – improving the survival rate by over 70%.    We also trained 150 health workers who have given over 400 cooking demonstrations to young mothers about nutrition and reduced levels of severe malnutrition
  • NOURISH is complemented by our Access to Safe Water Project in targeted vulnerable communities. We have established 6 wells since 2014 that give access to safe water to around 20,000 people who would otherwise have to walk considerable distances
  • The Addis Hiwot Project has helped 60 families, including nearly 150 children to move from a slum on a graveyard into formal government houses and integrate into a local community. Over 300 children completed pre-school and are now in government schools. There is also a successful savings and Credit Union supporting 54 families and there is a well-established health centre

The NOURISH Programme operates in 3 regions of South West Shoa, Ethiopia. Through the project we have established a therapeutic feeding unit and renovated a children’s ward at St Luke’s Hospital to treat children who were suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). In that time over 1300 children have received lifesaving treatment,…

Safe Water Provision
Safe Water Provision

Without safe water, it is almost impossible to get an education. Although all children and families are affected by the lack of clean water, girls tend to suffer more as they are often the ones sent to the dirty rivers and ponds to fetch the day’s supplies. Days and…

Addis Hiwot
Addis Hiwot

In 2010 we were brought to meet 60 families living in squalid conditions on a grave yard on the outskirts of Addis Hiwot.  Several generations of families were living in extreme poverty, exiled from the wider community in appalling conditions.  The environment was affecting the health of many…

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