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Finance and Governance Transparency Chart | Children In Crossfire

Finance & Governance

We are committed to being as transparent as possible. It’s important that people understand how we work and how the finance is used in our work.

86 pence in every £1 donated by our supporters is spent on the organisation’s direct charitable expenditure.

Our accounts are prepared independently by our auditors in accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice for charities (SORP). Our Annual Report and audited accounts are available below.

We welcome greater public scrutiny of the sector through such bodies as the Charity Commission and actively promote a transparent and accountable approach to everything we do. We comply fully with the NGO Code of Corporate Governance Co-authored by Dóchas.

Since Children in Crossfire was founded in 1996, all donations have impacted positively on the lives of many millions of children throughout the world who suffer from the injustice of poverty. We hold all donor, volunteer and supporter information securely and confidentially.  We respect your privacy and will never share your details with any other organisation.  We hold supporter information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.






Our Board

Children in Crossfire is directed by a Board of Trustees, which designates the day to day management of Children in Crossfire to its Executive Director, Richard Moore. The organisation aims to maintain a Board of Trustees comprising of at least 10 members chosen to provide a diverse and balanced…

Irish Aid Partnership
Irish Aid Partnership

Irish Aid: Supporting the Work of Children in Crossfire Children in Crossfire and Irish Aid have a long partnership in working together to address the injustices of poverty. In 2012, we received a five year Programme Grant from Irish Aid  to work with people and communities in Tanzania…

Child Protection and The Dóchas Code
Child Protection and The Dóchas Code

Children in Crossfire recognises the rights of all children in our care to be protected from harm. Ensuring every child’s protection plays a pivotal part in everything we do.We implement our Child Protection Policy with diligence and rigour to do everything we possibly can to prevent children suffering…

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