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Meron Tadesse, Addis Hiwot Preschool, Ethiopia | Children In Crossfire

Who we are

Yusta John and family

Yusta John sits with Mageni Mayeka Nonihali and her two sons to discuss nutritional charts.

Children in Crossfire was founded in 1996 by Richard Moore. In 1972, as a 10-year-old child, Richard was blinded by a rubber bullet fired by a British soldier during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Amazingly from childhood to the present day, he has accepted the loss of his sight without any feelings of resentment. In describing his remarkable acceptance of what, for most, would be a debilitating trauma, he says “I learned to see life in a different way, I may have lost my sight, but I have my vision”.

Just as Richard’s life emerged as triumph out of tragedy through his experiences of compassion in the face of challenge, Children in Crossfire pursues its vision through and with that same compassion. Specifically, it responds to the rights and needs of children and young people caught in the crossfire of global poverty, injustice and inequality by using a Two-Pronged Approaches.

Our Vision

Children in Crossfire is driven by our vision for a compassionate world where every child can reach his or her potential.  For us, this is not a dream but something we can really make tangible through our work.  It is essential that as we work for change, we also nurture compassion as the underpinning core value that drives people to take actions for a better world for all children.

If we lived in a compassionate world, then all the issues we seek to address would cease to exist. But, sadly we don’t!  Yet we believe that the seed to build a compassionate world lies within in us all.  Therefore, in all areas of our work, we seek to awaken, cultivate and nurture that seed for a better world.  We believe that when everyone acts out of love and compassion for humanity, then Children will live in a world where global injustice no longer exists.

We are a registered charity in Northern Ireland (NIC101412) and The Republic of Ireland (CHY 20045517).  Children in Crossfire is now also a registered ‘Not For Profit’ in the USA and is recognised as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 46-2267122).  We are developing Advisory Groups in Chicago and Boston to assist with a fundraising programme.

Vision: A compassionate world where every child can reach his or her full potential

Mission: To work with others to tackle the injustices of poverty affecting children


CompassionA core concern for the well-being of others leading to actions for a fairer world.
PartnershipWorking together to bring about sustainable change.
AccountabilityUsing our resources effectively and efficiently to build openness and trust with our supporters, partners and the communities where we work.
EqualityWhere everyone is treated fairly, respected as equal and have their rights protected.
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