New Teaching Methods to engage Children in learning

It’s shocking that only ¼ of children in Tanzania have access to pre-primary school education. Children who attend pre-school do much better in school and in life – breaking the cycle of poverty. We’re delighted to update you here about the Learning Kits you’ve funded making a difference in the schools in Tanzania.

In just one month 66 teachers attended our training in how to use the learning kits effectively in their school. One of the many things learned was around having a stimulating environment for the children with a reading area, games areas and a writing area instead of an old fashioned classroom set up.  They learned methods to engage the children in active learning.  All of the teachers were very enthusiastic and keen to get back to their schools with their kits and try out their new skills.

The Learning Kits include:

Stationery and Teaching Resources that help the teacher. For example markers, glue, scissors, sellotape, coloured pencils, teacher’s guides and pictorial wall charts.

Story Books arranged on string lines in the Reading Area.

Writing Materials such as chalk, slates, coloured and lead pencils, paper and glue sticks.

Furniture in the form of a lockable cupboard, shelves and floor mats are provided for safe storage and presentation of materials.

Board Games, items such as wooden dice, dominoes and puzzles, and photocopied templates were supplied to enable the teacher to make games such as Snakes and Ladders, Lotto, Memory and Ludo.

Teachers, children and parents were also encouraged to collect materials such as maize cobs, plastic bottles, sticks, stones and shells from their own environment to use for games in the classroom. As long as it is safe for children, anything can be used as a learning material.

Here is the feedback so far;

  • Teachers were excited to receive the Learning Kit.  After deliveries to the first schools, news quickly spread amongst other teachers, who immediately enquired when they would receive their kit.  Teachers have established their own networks, visiting each other’s classrooms to showcase and discuss the Learning Kit.
  • Teachers value the fact we helped them arrange the materials and set up the Learning Areas. One teacher stressed how important it is to know how to use the materials.
  • Teachers and parents have reported that children are enthusiastic to come to school now that the Learning Kits are in place.  When children go home and report their school activities, parents are also eager to send their children to school.  Within the community, children tell other children about the Learning Kit materials, thus motivating more children to enroll in pre-primary classes.
  • Following the delivery of the Learning Kits, the pre-primary classroom has become a centre of attention in some of the schools. Older children from higher classes are keen to come to the pre-primary room to read the books.

It’s amazing to think that such simple materials – a kit worth £19 makes such an impact, so much so that it’s a talking point throughout schools, homes and communities.  Thank you.



  1. It is a great deal for sure. Wishing you all the best and your support has been a stepping stone for sure.

  2. This has inspired me so much as an experienced primary and secondary school teacher in Tanzania. The situation of quality education access is still a question that needs special attention and creativity as you have been doing. Thank you very much!

    Enrollment has been tripled this year, due to government’s insistence on free education from primary to secondary schools form four. However, the challenges have been increased too. Thus much efforts and creativity is highly needed to assure the provision of quality education.

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