Celebrating the First-Ever International Day of Play

Today marks the first-ever #InternationalDayofPlay, a celebration dedicated to recognising the importance of play in children’s education and development. This special day highlights the vital role of playful learning in shaping young minds and preparing them for the structured environment of primary education.


The Role of Play in Education

Children in Crossfire integrate play into our pre-primary education programmes in Tanzania and Ethiopia. This approach emphasises that learning through play is not just an enjoyable activity for children but a crucial educational tool too.

Check out this video and meet Siwema John, a pre-primary teacher at Bukumbi Primary School in Tanzania, who shares her insights into the benefits of learning through play.


Benefits of Learning Through Play

Learning through play has several profound benefits:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Children are naturally curious and playful. When their education involves playful activities, they are more engaged and motivated to learn.
  • Critical Thinking: Play encourages children to think critically and ask questions. This enquiry-based approach helps them develop problem-solving skills and fosters a love for learning.
  • Confidence Building: As children navigate through play-based learning, they gain confidence in their abilities to tackle new challenges and seek answers, laying a strong foundation for future academic endeavours.
  • Social Skills: Play often involves group activities, which help children develop essential social skills such as teamwork, communication, and empathy.


In Tanzania, the impact of Children in Crossfire’s focus on learning through play is measurable. Our pre-primary teacher training programmes have significantly improved the performance of children across the country. By training teachers to incorporate play into their teaching methods, we ensure that children receive a well-rounded education that prioritises both cognitive and emotional development. As we grow our new education programme in Ethiopia, we will implement best practice learned and refined in Tanzania.


A Day to Celebrate

As we celebrate this inaugural International Day of Play, let us acknowledge the incredible work being done to integrate play into early childhood education. By fostering environments where children can learn joyfully and creatively, we are paving the way for a future where education is not just about knowledge acquisition but also about nurturing inquisitive, confident, and well-rounded individuals.

Happy International Day of Play! ????

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