Even as they faced all the challenges of a global pandemic, staff at the Derry branch of Find Insurance NI still made time over the past two years to support Children in Crossfire, raising more than £4,000 through a range of fundraising activities. Most notably, brave team members took part in abseils from the top of the city’s Tower Museum and City Hotel.


Richard Moore, Children in Crossfire’s Executive Director, called into the company’s office in the Waterside to convey his gratitude for all their support:

“I was very pleased to be able to visit the Find Insurance NI office and thank the team for all their fundraising efforts for Children in Crossfire. They approached us in early 2020 about making us their charity partner for the year. Even when the pandemic hit, with all the challenges that brought, they were determined to make our partnership work. That is quite remarkable considering everything else that was going on at the time and over the two years since. We are very lucky to have their goodwill and deeply thankful for the £4,037 they raised.


“Children in Crossfire’s healthcare and education programmes support some of the world’s most vulnerable children, in Ethiopia and Tanzania. The money Find Insurance NI staff raised will bolster these international programmes, once again underlining the kindness and compassion local people and businesses have for those born into disadvantage and injustice elsewhere in the world.”


Karen McQuillan from Find Insurance NI said:

“The Find Insurance NI team were delighted to welcome Richard Moore to our office. The past two years have made us all realise that we share one world, and that we all need to look out for each other. That’s why our team were so pleased to show our solidarity with the children and communities Children in Crossfire work in. It is terrific for us to know that money we raised here will have life-changing impact in those areas. What’s more, we had great fun doing it!”


Urging other local businesses to partner with Children in Crossfire, Corporate Fundraiser Aishling Cunningham added:

“I am delighted to say that Children in Crossfire’s partnership with Find Insurance NI was very rewarding, both for us and them. We have benefited from the outstanding total their fundraising efforts achieved, while they can take great pride in the outcome of their collective efforts on their company’s behalf.


“I encourage other local businesses to work with Children in Crossfire, especially as we are planning a range of fundraising activities in the year ahead that will help build team spirit and bring a lot of fun to workplaces that have been through a great deal in the last couple of years.


Anyone wishing to discuss a potential corporate partnership with Children in Crossfire can contact Aishling on 028 7126 9898 or at aishling.cunningham@childrenincrossfire.org.