International development charity Children in Crossfire have launched a new 12-day fundraising challenge which encourages participants to carry out 12 ‘acts of kindness’ in early November. Aided by a video recorded by none other than Irish music legend Daniel O’Donnell, who encourages people to sign up, the social media centred initiative aims to ‘multiply kindness and make a positive difference for vulnerable children and families in Ethiopia and Tanzania’.

Outlining how the challenge will work, Fundraising Co-ordinator Aishling Cunningham said:

“We believe we need more kindness in today’s world. As such, we have come up a unique fundraising campaign which asks local people to carry out acts of kindness for their families, friends and neighbours in return for donations to Children in Crossfire.

“Participants in our ’12 Days of Kindness’ challenge might do the shopping for an elderly neighbour one day, pay forward a coffee the next, hand deliver a letter to someone who made a difference in their lives the day after that – and so on. Each day, they will share what their latest good deed was on social media and ask their friends and followers to donate to their fundraiser. In this way, kindness will multiply over 12 days and a positive difference will be made for children and families in Ethiopia and Tanzania as well as in the local community.

“In addition to raising vital funds for Children in Crossfire, we hope the challenge will also get people thinking about what matters to them and how being kind can make the world a better place for us all.

“Anyone wishing to sign up or find out more should go to, visit our Facebook page, call me on 028 7126 9898 or email”

Children in Crossfire Chief Executive Richard Moore added:

“I thank Daniel O’Donnell, who has long been kind to Children in Crossfire himself, for recording a video encouraging people to take part in our challenge. It’s great to have such well-loved support for this very novel fundraising event.

“Children in Crossfire rely on public kindness to deliver our international programmes. Without the goodwill of good people here, we simply could not make the positive difference we do for vulnerable children in Ethiopia and Tanzania. I urge the public to sign up to this challenge and carry out 12 acts of kindness from 1st to 12th November. As someone who has benefited greatly from the kindness of my fellow human beings all my life, I know just how much goodness there is in people. Let’s turn that powerful human instinct into something genuinely life-changing for children in the communities we work with.”


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