Photo - Richard Moore during a recent visit to a school Children in Crossfire


In the coming days, Richard Moore will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to head a Children in Crossfire delegation taking part in a groundbreaking international conference focussing on Early Childhood Development in East Africa.

Between 11th and 14th March, the Africa Early Childhood Network conference will bring together educational experts, policy makers and practitioners from eight East African countries to explore best practice in early years’ intervention and support. The collective goal of the gathering is to ensure that millions of young children across a vast swathe of the African continent get the start in life they all deserve.


Speaking ahead of his trip, Richard Moore said:

“Next week, Children in Crossfire will reach a milestone many years in the making at a major international conference on Early Childhood Development in East Africa. The key theme is ‘Investing in Early Childhood’, which is our core focus, so we are delighted to be playing a significant role in it.


“Children in Crossfire colleagues from both Tanzania and Ethiopia will be delivering six platform presentations detailing the work we do in the early years field, sharing our experiences, practices and ideas. The most important step in ensuring children get the best possible start in life is to provide access to high quality education. That is the vital message we will communicate.


“I am immensely proud that Children in Crossfire have become so highly regarded and respected internationally, particularly through our work in education. It has been a long road from our earliest days in 1996 to having influence and impact on the scale we are now. Whether people have been supporting us over all those years or have joined us along the way, they should be proud of their part in the progress we have made. As we look to the future, we are determined to make as big a difference as we can for as many vulnerable as possible.