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Children in Crossfire is driven by its vision for a compassionate world where every child can reach their full potential.

We know that teachers and educators play a vital role in helping children reach their potential so we strive to support educators to nurture Compassionate Global Citizenship through our Educating the Heart and Vision 2030 programmes; helping children and young people foster a sense of empathy and interconnection, and to build skills for participation in the transformation of our world.

Educating the Heart:

Educating the Heart is an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for primary and post-primary teachers across Ireland. Its supports teachers to cultivate Compassionate Global Citizenship through learning innovative methods and approaches for exploring global justice issues with students.

Educating the Heart is complementary to the curriculum aims in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

This fully-funded training is suitable for any teacher who wishes to engage students in cultivating the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for participating in the world as Compassionate Global Citizens. Educating the Heart comes with a participatory learning Pupil Programme, which teachers can adapt to suit the needs of their classes.

2018-2019 Achievements

To register your interest click here and submit an expression of interest or call us on (+44) 02871269898

“In light of the training, I have a greater awareness of the need to develop the following skills and values for our pupils and staff: critical thinking; emotional literacy; metacognition; a growth mindset and universal values.” – Participant of Educating the Heart, 2019

Vision 2030:

Vision 2030 is an OCN NI Level 2* accreditation which takes an interactive approach to engaging young people in International Development and action for change through a process of Social and Emotional Learning. Through focusing on Local and Global Citizenship, this programme offers young people the chance to explore the ever-changing, interconnected world we live in, and support them in their journey as compassionate active citizens and young leaders. Through taking part, participants are supported to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and values needed to become the compassionate young leaders that our world most needs.


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We are a registered charity in Northern Ireland (NIC101412) and The Republic of Ireland (CHY 20045517). Children in Crossfire is now also a registered 'Not For Profit' in the USA and is recognised as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 46-2267122). We are developing Advisory Groups in Chicago and Boston to assist with a fundraising programme.
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