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Tanzanian Country Director, Craig Ferla Meeting the Honourable Prime Minister of Tanzania, Kassim Majaliwa.

Tanzanian Country Director, Craig Ferla Meeting the Honourable Prime Minister of Tanzania, Kassim Majaliwa.

Last week Children in Crossfire‘s Tanzanian Country Director, Craig Ferla, had the huge honour of meeting with the Honourable Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Kassim Majaliwa.

He shared some thoughts from his meeting with us below.

It was a remarkable privilege and honour to meet with Hon. Kassim Majaliwa.

There is a saying in Swahili that “mountains never meet, but people do meet up after a long time”. I once studied with Hon Majaliwa in the University of Dar es Salaam in the 1990s, where he was also my football coach, indeed these are cherished memories. It is an incredible story that he has become the Tanzanian Prime Minister twenty years later, and I have followed closely often in awe his admirable leadership as he strives to support the fifth phase government under the presidency of Honourable John Magufuli in their outstanding endeavours to ensure Tanzania achieves its 2025 Vision of becoming a middle-income nation.

We did indeed get time to discuss Early Childhood Development (ECD), including sharing a Summary of the recent 2016 Lancet Series on ECD. Emphasis was made on the critical importance of investing in multi-sectoral efforts to ensure our children can experience a fulfilling early childhood that in turn will set them up to achieve their potential in later life, and be best placed to contribute to their nation. And we also had an opportunity to discuss the recent developments in pre-primary education in Tanzania, whereby enrolments have surged to unprecedented levels but at the cost of the quality of the learning experience for most children. I was able to show the Prime Minister recent videos from the field depicting the overwhelming enrolments, as well as raise the policy and programming steps that stakeholders are recommending to be acted on to ensure pre-primary education can serve its purpose in supporting children to be ready for school.

I am still glowing after this extremely privileged opportunity to meet with Hon Majaliwa, and I hope to continue to engage with his esteemed office with regards ECD in Tanzania. Meanwhile I extend my heartfelt prayers and best wishes to him in his devoted efforts to bring development for Tanzanians.

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