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We are proud to have started our new programme supported by UK Aid Direct to deliver quality pre-primary education to 100,000 children in Dodoma region, Tanzania. Our approach will be to support the improvement of selected model schools from which neighbouring schools can learn from, ultimately spreading quality pre-primary education within the whole region.

We were busy last week in Kongwa, Kondoa and Chamwino Districts of Dodoma, conducting a baseline survey for Children in Crossfire’s Watoto Wetu Tunu Yetu Programme in the region.

We found teachers and school at different stages in their journey, with varied understanding of what it entails to deliver quality pre-primary education, and with great anticipation we cannot wait to begin working with them for the benefit of Tanzanian children.

At a Chikoti, a satellite school in Chawino District, due to infrastructure challenges, pre-primary students don’t have a classroom.

When we travelled to Kongwa district, the situation was much better for students of Chibalahwe Primary School because they had a roomy classroom despite the absence of mats and necessary learning materials.



Pre-primary classroom at Chibalawhe School, Kongwa, Dodoma Region



We were pleasantly surprised with the situation at Songambele School’s pre-primary classroom. The teacher who has not received special training for early learners has a reasonably well ‘decorated’ classroom. Despite not having adequate learning materials, the talking walls were age appropriate at Songambele therefore the teacher definitely has an idea of what is needed our job will be to guide and mentor her into a true pre-primary education champion.



Pre-primary classroom at Songambele School in Kongwa District, Dodoma.



As per the programme approach, Songambele might become one of the 22 model schools in Kongwa District where the remaining schools in the ward can learn from and eventually all 58 schools of Kongwa can learn from and deliver quality pre-primary education.


By Chiku Lweno

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