Fairtrade Business | Children In Crossfire

Children in Crossfire has been working as part of  Foyle Fairtrade for the past ten years. We feel this is important, as the injustices of poverty are closely linked to unfair trading conditions for people in the countries we work in. If the injustices of poverty are to be tackled, then we must not only work directly with children from our target countries, but we must also look at the bigger global picture, and ask ourselves how we can all play a part in making a difference to the wider economic injustices that perpetuate poverty for developing countries.

So the question is ‘Why should you choose to become a Fairtrade Business?’  To put it very simply… It’s Good!

  1. It’s Good for People – Provides farmers and producers with fair pay and good working standards.  With sustainable prices, farmers can invest in education, healthcare, farm improvements or processing facilities to increase income.
  2. It’s Good for Our Planet – Trade organisations must develop a strategic approach to integrated pest management, the safe use and handling of agrochemicals, responsible waste management, protection of soil and water and biodiversity, and reduction of energy and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. It’s Good for Business – Since its launch in 2002 the Fairtrade Mark has become the most widely, recognised social and development label in the world. Fairtrade offers companies a credible way to ensure that their trade has a positive impact for the people at the end of the chain.

By putting the Fairtrade logo on your products, stocking Fairtrade goods or serving them to your customers you can demonstrate your ethical commitment to your customers, have a positive impact on the producers of the commodities with which you work and get closer to your supply chain.

At Foyle Fairtrade we’ve come up with three simple steps that will help you become a ‘Fairtrade business’:

  1. Stock and Sell Fairtrade products… Have a look at the National Fairtrade Purchasing Guide for details of suppliers or get in touch with Foyle Fairtrade and we’d be happy to help!
  2. If it can be Fairtrade make sure it is Fairtrade… It’s great stocking and selling some Fairtrade products but a real commitment is making sure that anything that can be Fairtrade is Fairtrade, for example- rather than only teas and coffees, why not look out for sugar and biscuits too. If in doubt… ask us!
  3. Shout it out… People love to know that their purchase is ethical; it leaves a better taste in the mouth! When you are stocking and selling Fairtrade products put the logo on your menus, on your windows, on your publications.

We’re very proud that Derry is a Fairtrade City and we want visitors and tourists to know… So we’ll give you a fancy certificate and a shiny sticker for your organisation to display so every visitor can see your commitment to Fairtrade and be inspired to choose products that change lives!