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Fairtrade Experience | Children In Crossfire

Fairtrade goods available at the event in the University

The Fairtrade Experience of Bennett Kushnick, Children In Crossfire Intern In Our Development Education Department. 

“On Thursday, March 9, 2017, I attended the Fairtrade fortnight event at Ulster University’s Magee campus library. There were a range of Fairtrade treats or treats made using Fairtrade ingredients. The treats included Fairtrade chocolate, Fairtrade brownies, Fairtrade bananas and Fairtrade cookies. Starbuck’s coffee generously brought their Fairtrade coffee and chocolate for students and staff of Ulster University to taste. A wide range of members of the community came to support Fairtrade at Ulster University.

I enjoyed talking with members of the community about Fairtrade and why it is important to them. Ulster University is committed to Fairtrade and while the city of Derry is a Fairtrade city, community members would like to see more stores with Fairtrade products on their shelves. The sentiment of many of the visitors at the event expressed their desire to have more stores sell Fairtrade products and for stores already selling Fairtrade products, to expand their selections.

Fairtrade is one of many ways that we as citizens of a global world can work to reduce poverty and ensure that farmers are being paid fairly for their labor. Derry is a Fairtrade city and it is doing fantastic work in raising awareness about Fairtrade to the Derry community. This year, Derry celebrated its third year as a Fairtrade city.

It’s important to engage with the public so they truly know what programs like Fairtrade are and that they recognise the work that is being done in their city to ensure that farmers are being paid a fair price for the products they grow. It is important that Fairtrade’s message and values be spread so that more people can learn about Fairtrade and recognise the work that is being done in Derry to support Fairtrade.”

My Fairtrade Experience | Children In Crossfire

Bennet (3rd from left) pictured at the launch of Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 with the members of Foyle Fairtrade in Derry City.


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