Giving children the chance to choose

Fairtrade bananas, muffins, cookies, and chocolate samples at the event.

By Rachel Stromsta, Intern at Children in Crossfire

On Thursday past, I attended a Fairtrade coffee morning at Ulster University Magee campus, hosted by the Magee Library Green Impact team. There were many tasty Fairtrade treats and food at the event, ranging from bananas to chocolate. It was great to see so many staff members at Ulster University come together to support a cause that promotes the fair treatment of farmers and workers, economic justice, and sustainability.


Fairtrade is a trading partnership that gives better wages to local farmers and their communities. Basically, the Fairtrade logo ensures that these farmers are getting paid fair wages and their practices are good for the environment. It’s really important to make good decisions when shopping that promote global justice and help stop the exploitation of hard-working farmers that produce many essential foods and products.


At the event, I had a really great time listening to the experiences of people either really involved with promoting Fairtrade or still learning about what they can do to support the cause. Additionally, Derry now has Fairtrade status, which means that the city has passed a supporting resolution, has committed to having Fairtrade products readily available, and many organisations have pledged to use Fairtrade.

Pictured from left to right, Dee (Children in Crossfire People Engagement Project Worker, and Una and Eimear from the Ulster University Library Green Impact Team.

Learning about all of this at the coffee event was impactful for me because this is the first time I’ve been in a Fairtrade city, and I will definitely be doing more to educate others and purchase Fairtrade whenever possible. So, next time you are shopping for products like bananas, coffee, chocolate, or even footballs, look for the Fairtrade logo!

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