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Tandem Skydive

Skydive For Charity | Children In Crossfire

Cameraflyer Levi Hamill from Skydive Wild Geese rocking his sitfly during a jump in March

Sure why wouldn’t you jump out of a plane?

Tandem Sky Dive using a dual harness the student exits the aircraft at 10,000/13,000 feet, attached to the instructor, free falls to 6000 ft!!! Parachuting is the most exciting, exhilarating and adrenaline rushing achievement!!!

Why not book this as part of your Hen or Stag and make your party on to remember!  Nothing more adventurous than the taking the ultimate leap before you take ‘the ultimate leap’.  Make your anniversary memorable or your birthday extra special by booking you tandem jump today.  It is an experience you will never forget! Don’t do it alone get all your friends, family, workmates, club or team involved in the excitement.

REGISTER NOW: 02871 269898 or

So how does it work?

  1. Once your party has arrived and been welcomed to the Moonjumper centre your party experience will begin with a ground briefing covering the equipment, exiting the aircraft, freefall and landing.
  2. You will jump from 13000 feet in the air. Your freefall would be at a speed of 200 km/hr.
  3. The tandem parachute jump is completely safe as the fully qualified instructors strapped to your back control the whole descent and you also receive a safety briefing session for this activity beforehand.
  4. Professional cameramen are available to capture your unforgettable moments.   A video and 35mm stills are available for you on the day, this MUST be pre-booked.

What to bring with you on the day

  1. Jump tickets and completed letters, especially if you are under 18 years.
  2. Static-line Rap students can wear trainer type boots. Tandem passengers can wear training shoes.
  3. Boots with hooks are NOT acceptable so please don’t bring them.
  4. A pair of gloves. (useful, but not essential).
  5. Goggles are available if you wear glasses or contact lenses.
  6. Change of clothing in case of wet weather and a pair of training shoes for indoor training.

Please, please, please be prepared to give up your whole day as this sport is very much weather permitting and you may have to wait around until clouds clear etc. In the Sky Centre as well as having a restaurant and coffee shop we have TV and a pool table where visitors can relax. In fact, the Sky Centre has received two certificates of merit for its facilities.

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We are a registered charity in Northern Ireland (NIC101412) and The Republic of Ireland (CHY 20045517). Children in Crossfire is now also a registered 'Not For Profit' in the USA and is recognised as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 46-2267122). We are developing Advisory Groups in Chicago and Boston to assist with a fundraising programme.
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