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Our intern Sara describes her third week of interning in our head office. Sara worked alongside our public engagement team who were delivering workshops for the National Citizen Service!

This is my third week as an intern for Children in Crossfire, and it is still amazing and very exciting to be working here.

In my second week, I mainly helped Dee with preparing for her workshop for the National Citizen Service Program (NCS), which has taken place this week. NCS is a programme for young people between 15-17, which consists mainly of workshops concerning global issues and ends with a final social action project in which they give back to their community.

This week, I helped with the packing of the resources that they use for the workshops they give to teachers and students. I usually do this an hour nearly every day, which gives you some time off from sitting down in front of your laptop all day in the office.

I also helped Dee organize a quiz that we used on Wednesday for the workshop for NCS in Gortin, a small town 40 minutes away from Derry. The workshop consisted of helping young people be aware of global issues such as climate change, gender equality, poverty and quality of education, and helping them come up with ways in which they can contribute to improve them.

On Wednesday, the workshop started with a short quiz, followed by a round of facts based on each question used in the quiz. The last activity consisted of giving each group in the workshop a number of objects that they could decide to put in a time capsule until 2030 or throw it away. This activity was based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the objects were plastic bags and cups, batteries, inflatable guitar, etc. that would have a different meaning depending on the interpretation of the object in each group. I was surprised with how aware all the participants were about all of these global issues mentioned in the workshop, since when I was their age I did not know much about these topics. It is nice to see how the younger generations in such a small town as Derry are more willing to contribute towards reducing climate change and inequality.

Sadly, next week will be my last week as an intern for Children in Crossfire. Hopefully, I will take a look mainly into the Fundraising Department before I leave. They have all been so welcoming and nice, as I said in my previous blog, highly recommend volunteering or doing an internship here!

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