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The Road To Lisbon | Children In Crossfire

Glasgow To Lisbon

Personal Thanks Richard Moore has personally thanked the participants for this amazing achievement and triumphant success.  It never ceases to amaze the lengths in which people are willing to go to support charity, particularly Children in Crossfire.  Because of these people, we are able to help those who need…

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 | Children In Crossfire

Fairtrade Fortnight Launches

As Fairtrade Fortnight launches it is good to remind ourselves of the positive impact it has on people and the planet.  Children in Crossfire is committed to Fairtrade because of the good it does in the world.  When you purchase Fairtrade goods you are giving fair pay and…

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New Year Resolutions | Children In Crossfire

New Year Resolutions

As you enter the New Year and commit to your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions, we think that the greatest resolution you can make is one to help others.  This year there are plenty of ways for you to get involved with Children in Crossfire to help us achieve…

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A Christmas Thankyou

At this time of year we want to remind all those who support the work of Children in Crossfire in all the various ways, that we are grateful for their commitment.  Because of this support we are able to continue our work with the world’s most vulnerable children….

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Advent Appeal 2016 | Children in Crossfire

Advent Appeal 2016

As we look forward to Christmas and the time we spend at home with our loved ones, we remember that not everyone is as lucky as you and I. For many millions of children, Christmas is just like any other day – a day of hardship and struggle….

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return to school

Returning to School

With the new school year upon us Richard reminisces about his experience of school as a child and how that compares to the children in Tanzania and Ethiopia and the importance of education. Pictured above is the Miwaleni Primary School in Tanzania that pupils involved with the 2016 Culture Trip visited to…

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Roisin Quinn fundraising for Children in Crossfire

The Importance Of Fundraising

Fundraising is vital to Children in Crossfire achieving our Mission. Without the necessary funds, we would not be in a position to respond to the needs of the communities we work with. Children in Crossfire works in Ethiopia which is presently experiencing a severe food shortage.  This is…

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20 Years of making a change

We are very excited to celebrate 20 Years of making a change.  In 1996 Richard Moore launched Children in Crossfire with the vision – “A Compassionate World where every child can reach his or her full potential” – and this year we celebrate working on our mission for…

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Emergency Appeal Update

Richard would like to thank all those who have contributed to our Emergency Appeal for a feeding programme in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Hiwot. In 2010 we were brought to meet 60 families living in squalid conditions on a grave yard on the outskirts of Addis Hiwot.  Several generations…

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Micro Finance

Micro Finance

Posted by Children in Crossfire in Blog

As a lifelong teacher and advocate for young children and families, Mary Kabati embodies the Children in Crossfire values.  Mary is the program coordinator for Tanzania Home Economics Association, a Children in Crossfire –funded organization that empowers individuals, families and communities in Tanzania through education and training. Through her work,…

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