Giving children the chance to choose
Gennet Mengistu from Maedot, Ethiopia

International Partners – Maedot, Ethiopia

Children in Crossfire‘s director, Richard Moore, recently travelled to Ethiopia to visit some of the projects we support there and meet with some of our international partners. One such partner was an organisation called Maedot. They are an early childhood development organisation. Gennet Mengistu is the founder and…

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Richard's Christmas Message

Richard’s Christmas Message

Children in Crossfire’s director Richard, reflects on his recent trip to Ethiopia, where he visited some of the projects Children in Crossfire supports there. He also reflects on the difference the support Children in Crossfire receives, makes to some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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Richard visits St Luke's Hospital, Waliso

Ethiopia Visit: Day 2

Children in Crossfire‘s Director, Richard Moore, reflects on day two of his visit to Ethiopia, learning the true impact of the projects Children in Crossfire supports there. He visited St Luke’s Hospital in Waliso and saw the life-saving work they do there. He also visited the Waliso youth centre,…

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Richard Moore and Eileen Fitzpatrick in Waliso

Ethiopia Visit: Day 1

Children in Crossfire‘s Director, Richard Moore, and Head of International Programmes, Matthew Banks, travelled to Ethiopia to visit some of the projects we support there. On day one of their trip they visited Waliso, which is a few hours south-west of the capital  Addis Ababa.

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Richard Moore with school children in Ethiopia.

Providing Hope

Click the link below to hear from Children in Crossfire’s Executive Director, Richard Moore, as he talks about providing hope for children caught in the injustice of poverty.

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Compassion in Action

Click the link below to hear from Children in Crossfire’s Executive Director, Richard Moore as he talks briefly about our Compassion in Action conference which was attended by the Children in Crossfire patron His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  Richard says: “When we respond to the suffering of others from…

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The Road To Lisbon | Children In Crossfire

Glasgow To Lisbon

Personal Thanks Richard Moore has personally thanked the participants for this amazing achievement and triumphant success.  It never ceases to amaze the lengths in which people are willing to go to support charity, particularly Children in Crossfire.  Because of these people, we are able to help those who need…

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 | Children In Crossfire

Fairtrade Fortnight Launches

As Fairtrade Fortnight launches it is good to remind ourselves of the positive impact it has on people and the planet.  Children in Crossfire is committed to Fairtrade because of the good it does in the world.  When you purchase Fairtrade goods you are giving fair pay and…

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New Year Resolutions | Children In Crossfire

New Year Resolutions

As you enter the New Year and commit to your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions, we think that the greatest resolution you can make is one to help others.  This year there are plenty of ways for you to get involved with Children in Crossfire to help us achieve…

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A Christmas Thankyou

At this time of year we want to remind all those who support the work of Children in Crossfire in all the various ways, that we are grateful for their commitment.  Because of this support we are able to continue our work with the world’s most vulnerable children….

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