Scatter Kindnesss

Recently I was drawn to an image shared by a friend of mine on Facebook “A Simple Recipe for Happiness is to Scatter kindness wherever you go!”  I started thinking how, and in what ways could I be more open, compassionate and kind?

In our ever changing world, where the gap between rich and poor continues to grow and where we see violence, injustice and crisis in so many ways, we all need a bit of kindness; not only to counteract all the badness but to stay happy and resilient and hopeful!

So my challenge is to ‘scatter kindness’ or rather do a random act of kindness each day and hopefully spreading a lot of smiles and good feeling!

A few of the Children in Crossfire staff are taking on this challenge and we would love to invite you to join us and do your own random acts of kindness too, share with us what you get up to so we can all inspire each other and keep #Scatterkindness throughout our wonderful world. You can tweet us @ChildreninXfire or Tag us in your Facebook / Pinterest .


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  1. i want to thank you all for the kindness you showed us today at church street in toronto thx for all the gifts

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