Incredible Achievements

Through our work we’ve reached over 1,100 government Pre-Primary Education classes, benefitting more than 280,000 children, where we have trained school leadership and PPE teachers in these schools.

Our efforts have influenced leadership and national level, including;

4 Regions

17 Councils

365 Wards

Learning Agenda

Our Learning Agenda, initiated in 2018, has led to significant improvements in teacher practices and various aspects of early learning, including;

  • Pre-literacy
  • Social-emotional development
  • Executive functions

It is noteworthy that our program has been endorsed to inform the national rollout of Pre-Primary Education and we are now focused on demonstrating quality improvements across all government PPE classes in the Dodoma region, with plans for nationwide expansion.

teacher speak to pupils outside


A report from Media Management back in 2019 revealed that there were no media stories that specifically reported from an ECD angle across all media platforms.

In two years through the UTPC-Children in Crossfire Partnership, that number raised to 1,000 and remained consistent while the quality increased across all ECD domains.

Today, champion journalists are part of the implementation of NMECDP as key advocacy partners.

In Tanzania, our mission is to help young children reach their full potential and prepare them for school. Two key approaches employed to achieve this are: direct programming (implementation) and macro-level (policy) engagement and advocacy.

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