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Last October we trained 85 teachers across Ireland through our Educating the Heart Programme.
Since then, we’ve been continuing to support those teachers as they bring their learning to the heart of their classrooms, using the new tools and knowledge to cultivate Compassionate Global Citizenship. As well as drama methods, new tools, and a pupil pack, the training gives teachers space to reflect on their own values, to upskill in compassion-based and development education practises and to consider the ways they can bring global issues to life and prepare their students holistically to participate in the world as a change maker!
Our training supports teacher’s professional learning and offers accreditation for teachers who implement the programme to bring the Educating the Heart approach into their practice. We’re are over the moon and full of pride to have received the OCN portfolios this week; the standard is incredible, and it’s clear to see reflective practice, growth and transformation in the submissions.
“Today’s pupils are often stressed in ways a class teacher cannot even fathom, and many arrive at the school gates with their emotional bucket full to the brim. Is it right to burden these children with ‘developed world’ guilt? This is thankfully where the Educating the Heart curriculum fits in so wonderfully. … The learning and education about developing resilience was essential. I now feel better equipped to address these areas of school life and have accessible resources to hand which are child-friendly and effective.”
“Educating the Heart has had a huge impact on my professional practice as well as my personal wellbeing. It has opened my eyes and widened my horizon in terms of global issues. Having only recently begun incorporating the Educating the Heart framework, I can already see a difference in the attitudes of the children in my class. I have noticed a greater sense of belonging; the children seem to be more supportive of each other and are more understanding and respectful of our cultural differences.”
“From my teaching of the Educating the Heart programme I feel, and I am more reflective, there is a lot more sharing within my class, I am more active in my teaching and learning, I have developed my skills, understanding and knowledge, and more importantly it has improved my confidence in teaching children about global justice issues”

Children in Crossfire want to see a word that is fair, kind and compassionate; a world where we prioritise human need, over human greed. A world that values all life on land and life below water and where human rights are realised.
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