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Children Take Part In Development Education Workshops in Ireland | Children In Crossfire

Development Education

Students From Oakgrove Integrated College Take Part In Development Education Workshops | Children In Crossfire

Pupils from Oakgrove Integrated College take part in Educating the Heart in 2016

Development Education (Dev Ed) is about understanding global interconnectedness.  This means learning and understanding the structural causes of poverty and how poverty is sustained.  Dev Ed is about helping young people develop the right skills and values so that they can become the citizens that our world needs most.

At Children in Crossfire, we are passionate about giving young people the emotional resilience and critical thinking skills to become an ‘active change maker’.  A change maker who can and will work towards making a fairer and more compassionate world.  We believe that when everyone acts out of love and compassion for humanity, then Children will live in a world where global injustice no longer exists.

Our Development Education Programmes

We work in Ireland and the UK to provide opportunities for educators, particularly those working with young people.  The TIDAL Programme creates opportunities for teachers to learn new, fun and interactive methods that help their students learn about the world around them and where the possibilities for change are.

But knowing the issues doesn’t always mean that people will engage to make a difference. We need to work connecting the ‘head’ with the ‘heart’ because knowing the issues isn’t enough.  To make real change people must engage in the issues.  Therefore we need to nurture a person’s capacity for compassion and kindness.  As a result, we help to create ‘the world the person needs most’.  In our Educating the Heart programme, which is guided by the teachings of Our Patron, we apply this philosophy.

“Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged” – The Dalai Lama


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