Children in Crossfire is delighted to offer an accredited CPD for up to 3 teachers per school. Sub-Cover is paid at a rate of £130/€145 per day, per teacher. Please register your details to confirm your place on the training.

Educating the Heart supports teachers as they shape our students to become people our world needs most; compassionate, active citizens who can engage with global issues and who have the knowledge, skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to create a fair and sustainable world.

Educating the heart is a two-day course. It supports teachers to cultivate compassionate global citizenship and provides teachers with practical and innovative teaching and learning strategies that enable them to:

  • Explore global development issues and actions to address these
  • Promote pupil voice by involving them in learning and global citizenship actions
  • Support pupils’ personal and emotional development
  • Develop pupils’ critical literacy skills
  • Develop pupils’ creativity and imagination
  • Develop a growth mindset amongst pupils
  • Develop confidence and skills to address controversial issues with pupils

The Programme also comes with a ‘Pupil Programme’– giving teachers new methods, confidence and lesson ideas to engage young people in international development issues and global justice issues.

Educating the Heart directly links to the NI & ROI curriculum, complementing initiatives such as Eco-Schools, Green Schools, Rights Respecting Schools and various policies like Shared Education and Learning Leaders. It has opportunities for school recognition through our Compassionate Schools Award and has been developed in consultation with DENI, CCEA and the Education Authority.

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