Children in Crossfire believes that local and global change-makers act from a place of compassion and with a desire to make the world a better place for everyone. Sometimes creating change and transforming power structures can be a very hard and tiring job with challenges arising that can be difficult for us to navigate. We believe that resilience, kindness, connection and gratitude are some key skills that change-makers need to help them sustain their action and their commitment to a fairer and more compassionate world for everyone.

These video resources have been created for schools to support students with blended learning in their compassionate global citizenship lessons.


Join our facilitators Charo and Jenny as they help us learn more about kindness in this short video assembly. Suitable for students aged 10-18. Students will learn new resilience techniques and will have an opportunity to learn from children and young people from various parts of our world and hear their perspectives on kindness!


Join Charo, Jenny and our friends in Colombia, Canada, Ireland, the US and Germany as we learn more about Courage in this short video assembly. Students will practice ‘grounding and tracking’ skills and will learn techniques to help overcome fear and cultivate courage for transforming our world.


The third video in the series will help us learn more about connection and interconnection. Charo and Jenny will connect with their friends from across the globe to examine what it means to be connected and will share tools and techniques to help us foster a sense of connection to make the world a fairer and more compassionate place.


Gratitude is the attitude! Join Charo, Jenny and their friends from around the world as they practice gratitude and share some ways to cultivate gratitude with your students. This short video includes wisdom from young people, examples of gratitude practices and a challenge for your classroom.