Vision 2030 is a bespoke OCN NI accredited training course for young people to engage critically with global issues and develop the skills, knowledge and values to act as compassionate changemakers.

It has a particular focus on themes such as interdependence, interconnection and the Sustainable Development Goals. Through completing this course, participants will also gain an insight into what actions they can take to challenge these issues, and be offered the opportunity to carry out their own social action project. It encourages ‘critical’ engagement with Ireland’s Aid Programme, and the role aid policies have to play in achieving the SDGs and global equality.

Through taking part, it is intended that learners will:

  • Explore local and global justice issues relevant to their lives and the lives of others across the world
  • Explore how these issues are connected to the SDGs
  • Identify an issue to address through social action, and how this action makes a direct contribution towards achieving one or more of the SDGs
  • Share knowledge and ideas
  • Develop confidence and skills to address controversial issues
  • Develop their critical thinking skills
  • Develop the required attitudes and values for participating in the world as an active citizen

Children in Crossfire will support you in this course by providing the following:

  • External facilitation if required
  • Support materials and resources
  • Facilitator training plan and guidelines
  • Verification of course work, and awarding of certificates through OCN NI
  • Opportunities to share practice, develop new partnerships or build on existing partnerships nationally and internationally

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