At Children in Crossfire, our vision is ‘A compassionate world where every child can reach his or her potential’. Our current Public Engagement programme of work aims to empower others to have a voice and to be supported to take social actions on global issues. To achieve this, we continue to work both internationally and at home, equipping those we work with with the necessary skills and values to develop as compassionate change-makers.


As part of our Public Engagement work, Children in Crossfire offers workshops to anyone who is interested in exploring Global Development a bit further. Whether you are part of a youth group, workplace, community group, or wherever it may be, we always love the opportunity of working with like-minded people. All you need to do is gather together a group of attendees and we will provide the rest.


Our workshops take a range of forms. Through an interactive and creative approach to learning, using a range of short video clips, PowerPoint, games and educational activities, we work to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of global poverty, and how we can all use compassion as a core skill for active local and global citizenship.

Whether its gender, the environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, education, or whatever it may be that you are interested in, we would love to hear from you. Our Public Engagement team aims to mobilise the public’s capacity and appetite for change. This programme supports communities and activists to create change through their knowledge and understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, and invites them to explore ways in which we can all help to achieve a world which is fair and sustainable for all.

We believe that by increasing people’s understanding of how International Development works, we can all work together to create a world full of compassion and equal opportunities for all.

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