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Mrs Mageni Mayeka Nonihali | Children in Crossfire



We are passionate in our belief that all children in Tanzania should have the opportunity to grow and thrive to reach their full potential. We believe wholeheartedly in a child’s right to have their basic needs met and access a good education.  A child who arrives at school feeling healthy, happy and socially developed is a child with a solid foundation to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.  We work in Tanzania to ensure children get the best start in life through meeting their needs in the early years.

Why do we work in Tanzania?

  • One of the poorest countries – Ranked 151 out of 181 countries in Human Development Index
  • Population 50m, of which 68% (34m people) live below the poverty line of $1.25 a day
  • 51% of the population are children.

Why are we working with young children?

  • The early years is where we can have the biggest long-term impact
  • Children with good early childhoods do better in life – healthier, do better in school, earn more money
  • In Tanzania, with such a young population, it is today’s young children that are the future of the country.
  • 35% of them are undernourished which affects growth and brain development and 70% of them do not attend any pre-school meaning they are not ready to learn when they reach primary schools. This compromises their lives before they have barely begun.
  • Parents often don’t know how important these early years are and are not skilled in what they need to do to provide the best opportunities for their children.

What are we actually doing about it?

  • Improving early education for around 13,000 children in 50 pre-schools and 120 government schools by training teachers and providing learning materials/books
  • Supporting 2,000 vulnerable parents with around 8,000 children in poor areas of the country to develop good knowledge and practice towards their children
  • Supporting additional income for 1,500 mothers in vulnerable families
  • Working with government to get them to invest more in children
Integrated Early Childhood Development
Integrated Early Childhood Development

We all know that early childhood development is significant in setting the foundation for developing physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.  Only with such a solid foundation can children grow, thrive and reach their full potential.  The early years are crucial to ensure children can go on to achieve fully at…

Pre-Primary Education
Pre-Primary Education

Over recent years, Tanzania successfully reached the MDG for 100% enrolment in Primary School – a great achievement.  However, a few years later in 2012, Tanzania had its worse set of Primary school results for a generation – only 31% of children passed primary school.  There are many…

Programme Successes
Programme Successes

Paediatric Oncology Programme In Tanzania, many cases of cancer in children could be prevented or better managed through improved diagnosis and appropriate treatment in a child’s early years. To help address the issue of childhood cancer in Tanzania, Children in Crossfire partnered with the Government of Tanzania’s Ministry…

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