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Pre-Primary Education

Pre-Primary Education | Children in CrossfireOver recent years, Tanzania successfully reached the MDG for 100% enrolment in Primary School – a great achievement.  However, a few years later in 2012, Tanzania had its worse set of Primary school results for a generation – only 31% of children passed primary school.  There are many complex reasons for this, one of which is the very low levels of access to pre-primary education prior to entering Standard 1.

Only around 35% of children in Tanzania have experienced any kind of early childhood education before they enter primary school. There is plenty of evidence that access to preschool is directly correlated to long-term learning outcomes. And it’s our objective with this programme to demonstrate that when children access quality pre-primary education, they are more ready for school and have better long-term learning outcomes.

“I like coming to school because every day I play and look at pictures from books.”  -Pre-primary child, Fumbuni, June 2016

Activities include training pre-primary teachers and developing learning kits for the classroom, engaging parents in early learning at home, strengthening school committees to prioritise pre-primary classes and strengthening local education authorities to better resource pre-primary education in their budgeting processes.

The project works in 120 schools in 2 regions of Kilimanjaro and Mwanza and will benefit around 27,000 children over 4 years.

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