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Programme Successes

Paediatric Oncology Programme

In Tanzania, many cases of cancer in children could be prevented or better managed through improved diagnosis and appropriate treatment in a child’s early years.

To help address the issue of childhood cancer in Tanzania, Children in Crossfire partnered with the Government of Tanzania’s Ministry of Health; INCTR (International Network for Cancer Treatment & Research) and other stakeholders to establish the national Paediatric Oncology Programme based at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam. We have been supporting the training of nurses and supplying important medicine. We have witnessed increasing numbers of children survive cancer through accessing life-saving treatment.

Since 2008, we have been improving protocols, supplying drugs and supporting nurses, seeing the survival rates of child cancer patients receiving treatment increase from 20% to 60%. We want to achieve the international average of having 85% of children treated for cancer in Tanzania surviving.

The Programme also saw us assist with the development of a range of non-clinical services such as play therapy, counselling and education.

Talk to your Baby

The more words were spoken to a baby in the first year of life, the better their understanding of language.  It supports the baby’s ability to learn to speak, eventually, read and help him or she do better in school.  Our Talk to Your Baby Programme trains parents throughout Tanzania in three separate two-hour training sessions.

What Mothers and fathers are taught

Talking to Your Baby from Birth:

  • Strengthens family bonds and improves communication
  • Increases baby’s understanding of words and what they mean
  • Increases spoken vocabulary at two years of age
  • Gives stronger grounding in learning to read
  • Gives children an opportunity to reach their potential in school

To view the Kiswahili version click here.

As Mr Benedict Missani, Assistant Director of Children Development, Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children in Tanzania said, ‘The benefit of talking to your baby is great for Tanzania and for your child.  If babies are talked to early, they will have the ability to express themselves well.  Later they will be able to educate society and bring about productivity for the nation!’

Relevant Documents

Please find below some useful documentation relating to the ‘Talk to your Baby’ programme.

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