Children in Crossfire Tanzania helps children reach their potential through access to quality early
childhood education.

What We Do

After several years of operational experience in Tanzania, the Children in Crossfire Tanzania office was established in 2009. 

Our mission has now evolved to focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD) countrywide, primarily delivered through partners, including local and national civil society organisation’s (CSO), as well as with national and local government.

With a lean yet expert team of 11 members, including individuals trained by the World Forum Foundation Global Leaders Programme and Science of Early Childhood Development regional facilitators, they are paving the way for brighter childhoods.

Why Tanzania?

The early years are the most impactful in the human life.

Children that have positive early childhood experiences retain the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Investment in Early childhood development and education programmes give the best return in terms of human development. In Tanzania, enrolment in early childhood education is low and quality is poor – this impacts the learning outcomes for all children. Decision makers are not aware of the importance of early childhood development as a vehicle for breaking cycles of poverty and moving towards a resilient and productive population.


We work in targets regions of the country where the needs are greatest to deliver quality early childhood education at scale.

Children in Crossfire Tanzania’s programming ultimately looks to support young children develop to their full potential and contribute to their school readiness. With this in mind, we engage in direct programming;

Supporting systemic delivery of quality improved Pre-Primary Education (PPE) across government PPE classes while also facilitating smooth transitions to early grades classes.

Innovate market systems strategies to enhance the quality of private Daycare Centres (DCC) in informal, densely populated, low-income urban areas.

Launch of NMECDP event held in Tanzania

Power of Partnerships

Children in Crossfire's work in Tanzania is primarily delivered through partnerships. We work closely with local and national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and government entities at all levels from Ministries to Local government.

Incredible Achievements

Through our work we've reached over 1,100 government Pre-Primary Education classes, benefitting more than 280,000 children, where we have trained school leadership and PPE teachers in these schools.

smiling child reaching to camera

Challenges & Valuable Lessons

Children in Crossfire hasn't been without its share of challenges. We have faced difficulties in handling a surge in Pre-Primary Education enrollments whereby we had had to adjust our models and in some cases had to contribute to classroom construction so as to ensure the quality of PPE Model delivered is not affected.

Advocacy & Policy

In addition to direct programme implementation, Children in Crossfire Tanzania also actively participate in broader policy engagement and advocacy efforts. Evidence generation, strategic partnerships, strategic, technical, financial and administrative support of national ECD planning processes.


With the National Multisectoral ECD Programme (NMECDP) launched in 2022, Children in Crossfire Tanzania is committed to shifting from Policy to Practice, by positioning and utilising the Mtoto Kwanza project to drive Programme implementation.

This programme is structured around 3 levels of engagement in its implementation, Macro, Meso and Micro.


Support our partner, TECDEN, in their leadership role in co-facilitating national coordination, monitoring and implementation processes.


Support TECDEN to establish and coordinate a subnational network of focal, local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) across all 26 regions of Tanzania, to partner with regional and local government to facilitate subnational coordination, monitoring and implementation processes.


Strategic partnership with the Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC) and their respective regional press clubs to coordinate and mentor a network of dedicated journalists who champion Early Childhood Development (ECD). These journalists will produce ECD-focused articles covering all 26 regions across the nation.

macro meso micro diagram
Image: Tanznia School Readiness Programme

School Readiness Programme

Our integrated School Readiness Programme, 'Watoto Wetu Tunu Yetu', is implementing our proven model of quality pre-primary education into schools across Mwanza, Morogoro, Dar es Salaam and Dodoma.

smiling child holding a bowl with their meal provided at school

Barriers to ECD Programme

Is it possible for a hungry child to sit in a classroom and learn? Our Barriers to Early Childhood Development Programme recognises that not all children can easily access quality early years education. we identify the barriers and aim to address them so that children have the opportunity to thrive.

Mtoto Kwanza (Children First) Programme

Our Mtoto Kwanza (Children First) Programme brings together national and regional government, civil society and the means to build a movement towards ensuring national policies affecting young children are delivered and invested in.

Current Project

Early Childhood Development

The early years of a child’s life are critical to their future development. From developing their personalities and connections with friends and family to brain formation and motor skills, the early years of a child’s life are the foundation upon which the rest of their lives will be built. 

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