Young people from three Donegal towns have designed murals to raise public awareness about the global climate crisis.

Devised and delivered by Children in Crossfire – a Derry-based charity whose Global Citizenship Education programme runs across Ireland – this project has created a platform – via public murals – for young people to have their say on the critical issue of their time.  


Bayan Smith, Children in Crossfire’s Public Engagement Officer, said:  

“Young people, more so than any other age-group, are deeply concerned about the threat climate change poses, not just for their future but for the imminent stability of our struggling world.  

“These three murals are the clarion call of the young people in Letterkenny, Bundoran and Buncrana to impress upon the public that there is a real crisis, a real threat and that serious, concerted effort at all levels of society is required.

“Each group designed their mural independently, so it is interesting to see that they all followed a similar pattern and presented two versions of the world: a happy, beautiful prosperous one and a dark, exploitative one. This is a powerful message that we, as a society, can choose the world we want by making decisions that lead to our chosen goal. The fear for many of our young is that society consistently makes bad choices or, at best, good ones but too slowly.  



“Our global citizenship work here in Ireland seeks to educate people about the fact that the globe and humanity are an interdependent system. Understanding our interconnectedness has implications for our thoughts and actions. In this context our programme seeks to encourage compassionate global citizenship. We want to inspire more action to challenge rampant injustice; be it climate, gender, education or the myriad other issues plaguing our world.

“We have all heard the phrase ‘We’re all in the same storm, but not the same boat’. This term perfectly explains why the climate crisis is, at its core, a justice issue. Without real effort towards climate justice, both here and abroad, it will be the poorest and most vulnerable who will be most deeply affected. Young people understand this best, and we would do well to pay closer attention to their insights and match their ambitions.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside local Donegal businesses and organisations to deliver this project. We have been overwhelmed by the energy and maturity of the young people in each town whose vision for a better world is clear for all to see.

“We express our sincere thanks to ChangeMakers Donegal, Scoil Mhuire, Buncrana Youth Club, Wild Inishowen Club and Inishowen Beekeepers Association for their help in Buncrana; to Bundoran Community Centre, Tidy Towns Bundoran, Irish Gap Year, Magh Ene College and Foróige in Bundoran; and the Loft Youth Project and Devlin Hall in Letterkenny. We are also deeply grateful to Cara McLoughlin and Donna McFeely for their inspiring facilitation and thank UV arts for the painting.

The Mural in Buncrana is on the youth club by Swan Park, in Letterkenny it’s on Devlin Hall on Lower Main street, and in Bundoran the mural can be found inside the community centre on Main Street. Take pictures and tag us on social media – Twitter @ChildreninXfire Instagram @children_in_crossfire