Raise Awareness For Charity | Children In Crossfire
Having decided to take a year out of education before attending university, Micheál Gallagher
started volunteering at Children in Crossfire in October 2014. He reflects on what was an intense
apprenticeship in both the Development Education and Fundraising departments, he has had great
insight into Children in Crossfire’s inner workings.
 Here’s 5 Things Micheál learned about Children in Crossfire.
1) Genuine want for a better world – This was the first thing that struck me. I was of the opinion
that people working for charities do so in a “punch-in punch-out” manner, but I was quickly proven
wrong. Everyone in Children in Crossfire seems to go above and beyond their call of duty.
2) The amount of effort for the seemingly small – I have begun to appreciate many things I have
taken for granted. From sending postcards to organising events, nothing is ever as simple as it
seems. Much like a Broadway show, we don’t normally see the countless hours put behind the
opening of the curtain.
3) The number of people this small charity connects to – Thousands of people around the world
know Children in Crossfire for the work they do at home and abroad. People met during flag days
and collections, zip lines and fire walks, TIDAL and Fairtrade Ireland, and unforgettably the amazing
work done in Tanzania and Ethiopia all come together with countless other connections to form one
big Children in Crossfire family.
4) Volunteers are treated like the rest of the team – The staff at Children in Crossfire all know
how important volunteers are to the organisation; no one is going to disrespect you or make you do
anything you don’t want to do. If you have any inclination to lend a hand I encourage you to do so,
volunteers are always welcome.
5) They all enjoy a bit of fun at the end of the day! – Just because everyone at Children in
Crossfire is serious about working for change, doesn’t mean they are serious while they work for it.
The people here are just that, people, not robots. If they can bring about global justice with smiles
on their faces then all the better!