Anke Wisselink

Anke Wisselink came to Children in Crossfire to volunteer after a chance meeting on a plane home from Tanzania.  After meeting Shauna from our fundraising department, the two ladies shared stories and experiences until it was decided that Anke must come for a visit and of course she did.  A digital communications specialist, Anke came to Children in Crossfire not only to meet our fabulous team but to learn more about our vital work and offer advice on how we could optimize our communications in order to reach our full potential.  This is Anke’s story about how a meeting of chance can turn into a great relationship.


A former colleague of mine set up her own charity business in Arusha, Tanzania. Last year I went to Arusha to visit her and to work for a month at a primary school. When I flew back I was sitting next to Shauna from Children in Crossfire.  We talked about our life and work. She said: “You must come over and visit us.” And so I did. Not just to visit, but I worked at the office as a volunteer for almost three weeks.

Making the connection is important
As a specialist in communications I worked within the communications department of Children in Crossfire and offered the best advice and help I could give.

Feel the warm welcome yourself

I had a lovely three weeks in Derry/Londonderry, thanks to the warm welcome and support I received from of all the employees at Children in Crossfire. I experienced their compassion and effort to support projects helping some of the most vulnerable children on the planet that suffer from the injustice of poverty. I’m happy that I had the chance to work with them.  I invite you all to connect with Children in Crossfire and support them however you can. Why? Because the children need it, but also because:

  1. It is fun
  2. You will meet lots of great people
  3. Each day is an opportunity to learn
  4. You get to share your knowledge and experience
  5. You are doing something for the community
  6. Improve you experience and Resume