One-year old Feyiftu was severely malnourished and gravely ill when her mother, Berhane, brought her to St. Luke’s Hospital. the local clinic near to their home in the rural village of Dilis did not have the facilities to treat Feyiftu.

Berhane explains: “I took Feyiftu to a local clinic, but when we arrived they could not help us. There were no facilities for her condition at that time”.

Shortly after her arrival at St. Luke’s, hover, Feyiftu began to benefit from high-nutrition food and excellent care by the fully-trained nurses. Thanks to the facilities provided by Children in Crossfire, Feyiftu was given the treatment she needed and started to gain weight within a few days.

Berhane also showed great interest in the good nutrition demonstrations that are supported by Children in Crossfire, and organized by the nutrition staff at St. Luke’s. These demonstrations give mothers the opportunity to learn how to improve the nutritional value of the meals they cook for their children by using cheap and locally available produce.