Charmaine & Shauna During Their Iceland Trek 2016 | Children In Crossfire

In 2016 Charmaine signed up to the Iceland Trek.  She spent 5 days with the group exploring Thórmork (Valley of Thor).  Read her reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up this year for a once in a lifetime experience.

Last year I took a notion of signing up to the Iceland Trek.  I felt like I needed to do something different, spontaneous and good for the soul.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have been on 2 treks now with Children in Crossfire and I have booked my 3rd already.  They are always so well organised down to the tiniest details.  They might be about the physical challenge to an extent but they are mostly about having fun, learning new skills, and enjoying the company of amazing people.  Also because the charity knows how hard you have worked to fundraise they want you to get the most out of the trek.  The community fundraisers work so hard to make your trip memorable.

4 Reasons You Should Sign Up Today

1. The craic is good

Last September when I trekked within a group of 12, 10 of whom were strangers to me, I never imagined that by September 2017 I would still be in touch with all of them.  I remember leaving Thórsmork on the 2nd last day in fits of laughter on the bus as the group enjoyed a bumpy ride back to Reykjavik.  By now we had nicknames and inside jokes. The craic really was 90.  I never laughed so hard as on that journey.

Iceland Trek Motivational Quote By Ben Stookesberry | Children In Crossfire

2. Being outdoors is great for the mind

Being outdoors is great for the mind.  We all need to slow down now and again to recharge the batteries.  Living in the busy hustle and bustle of urban life has an effect on our mental health.  Built up areas have an impact on our fears and anxieties.  Being outdoors and reconnecting with our beautiful planet has a positive impact on our mental well-being.  Time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in serotonin (the feel good neurotransmitter) and shows increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability, and love.

3. Because you’re helping to change the world

If you’re super prepared and organised, or maybe just have loads of connections you could have your fundraising wrapped up fairly quickly.  It isn’t really that much of an effort if you consider where your money goes.  Your donations provide aid to children in Tanzania and Ethiopia who need it the most.  Fundraising makes you humble and grateful for all you have.  It opens your eyes to the injustice of the world and you become part of the change.

4. Change is always good

Whatever the reason you have for not taking part, don’t listen to that voice in your head it is completely lying to you.  You can raise the money.  You are fit enough to trek it.  You will get on with everyone there.  It will be worth it.

I met a man who used a trek to quit smoking and another who wanted to get fitter.  For me, it was overcoming to my anxieties. Some do it to see the beauty of the hikes others do it to give something back to the world.  My advice is just to do it as a gift to yourself.

Do it to make new friends, to see a part of the world you otherwise wouldn’t.  I promise you will look back on it the way I do, with total nostalgia!

Sign Up Now and start your Icelandic Adventure.  Call 02871 269898 or email