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My story really starts in January with a need to lose some weight I’d put on after I stopped smoking a few years back. I booked into a 12-week weight loss programme with my friend who is a PT and remembered VERY quickly why I didn’t like the gym! I stuck out the 3 months and lost almost 2 stone but I didn’t enjoy a single second of it. That’s when I decided I’d try a bit of hill walking, and that’s when I fell in love with the Mourne mountains. I had discovered a natural ability and love for hill walking so I decided this was going to be my best route to the fitness level I needed. I decided that this shouldn’t be a selfish journey for me and that I should be doing something to help a charity while also bettering myself and my health.

I have a friend called Brian McGeown who is doing loads of work with various charities, running from Cork to Belfast, doing 5 marathons in 24hrs, I could go on, but the man is an absolute running machine. One of his chosen charities is Children In Crossfire, which was an instant YES for me!

So I decided to check what fundraising options there are and would you believe it, they do TONS of hiking trips! I have committed to trekking across Iceland for 3 days for this wonderful charity and I have also added on an extra trek across the Mournes as part of my fundraising efforts. I will be trekking across the 7 highest peaks in the Mournes in 1 day.

Get Involved

If like us you are inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of Lee Murphy the why not get involved yourself?  We have lots of treks you can get participant in to help you achieve your personal goals.  If like Lee you love Hill-Walking why not join up to one of peak/hill walking challenges

For More details on Trek Iceland, call Shauna 02871269898 or email her shauna.oneill@childrenincrossfire.org for more details.

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