Nourish Programme

Ethiopia is a country prone to Humanitarian crises such as drought and famine.  At the moment there is a massive drought in the northern regions that is impacting the price of food for millions of people across the whole country.  These shocks impact the country’s development for many years after they are gone.

Children in Crossfire have been working with communities in the area of South West Shoa, near the centre of the country for the past 5 years to address long term challenges in child nutrition.  A child’s diet in their first 5 years of life has a lifelong impact – poor nutrition delays physical and cognitive development and is strongly linked to whether they get good grades upon leaving school and how much they contribute to society as they move into adulthood – so it is about so much more than dealing with short term emergencies. 47% of children in Ethiopia are nutritionally stunted, negatively affecting their long term human development and subsequently the nation’s social and economic development.

Working with our partner, St Luke’s Hospital in Wolisso, we have a long term programme to address issues of childhood nutrition, preventing severe malnutrition, securing access to safe water and in educating communities on the basic principles of what children need in their early years.

The Nourish Programme

Since 2011 the NOURISH Programme has saved the lives of 2,512 children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).  At this stage children are close to dying and need careful treatment from highly trained clinical staff, so we established a Therapeutic Feeding Unit (TFU) at St Luke’s Hospital to provide this service.  It is complemented by an outreach programme that has trained 150 community-based Health Extension Workers (HEW’s) in 6 districts and established safe water supply to thousands of families.  This approach addresses the immediate needs of children whose lives are in danger alongside long term preventative measures to reduce malnutrition occurring in the first place.

Over the past 5 years less children are reaching the advanced stages of malnutrition with faster identification and better clinical services reducing the mortality rate from SAM by 74% to 2.8%.  Provision of safe water through secured springs and water pumps in targeted vulnerable communities ensures approximately 25,000 families have reduced danger of water borne diseases and long term outreach work through the Health extension workers ensures good levels of awareness and knowledge of childhood nutrition that is improving the lives of around 100,000 young children.

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