We are deeply disappointed to tell you, our supporters, that the UK government has today announced its intention to stop funding our pre-school programme in Tanzania’s Dodoma region, as part of their wider cuts to international aid budgets for many NGOs. We also wish to stress our determination not to accept this decision without a fight.
Children in Crossfire have been taking great forward strides with our pre-primary education programme in Tanzania. UK Aid have been pivotal in supporting this work in the Dodoma region, and the impressive results we have delivered have underlined the value of that partnership.
While we have been braced for some UK Aid funding cuts following recent engagement, today’s announcement that our grant funding is to be stopped entirely just ninety days from now is a devastating blow for the communities we work in. If implemented, these cuts will have a profoundly negative impact for tens of thousands of vulnerable young children. Our Early Childhood Education work has proven to give children the best possible start in education; cutting this funding will let those children down, limit their life opportunities and ultimately see them left behind.
This decision flies in the face of the ideals of global citizenship and solidarity that Children in Crossfire believe in – and successive UK governments have invested in. We exist to challenge the injustices facing the world’s most vulnerable children, so it is extremely hard to accept this deeply unjust decision without a fight. It is as unfair as it is illogical and we will give our all to see it reversed. We know that, like us, many NGOs who have built excellent working relationships with UK Aid are just as bewildered by this deeply retrograde step as we are. We must all now work together to ensure the UK government steps back from its current position and steps up to play its full part in building a fairer world.
Pictured below are children from just two of 223 schools who have already benefited from this programme. Our original plan was to roll this out in 700 schools. With your continued support, we will achieve that and more. We will keep making a real difference for children who deserve our support