Addis Hiwot Housing Project | Children In Crossfire

This month we are able to provide an update on 60 families we have been working with over the past 8 years.  In 2008 they lived in makeshift houses in a graveyard with no food, no water or access to medicine.  The children begged on the street to get the money to feed themselves and their families.

In 2010 thanks to the support we received Children in Crossfire rehoused the families into a social housing project on the edge of Addis Ababa and initiated a long-term development programme to support their new lives.  Over the years we have seen a huge turnaround in the lives of these families, especially the 400 children who have grown up a lot!   The families are now fully integrated into a wider community, taking leadership positions in that community.  The children from these families and the wider community have benefited from a daily nutrition programme, attended a new kindergarten and have now graduated into local primary schools.  The adults continue to be supported with income generation projects and are now part of a sustainable Savings and Credit Union.   There is also a permanent health programme and this month a resident health officer for the community was appointed.

You may recall last year we made an appeal as the community were significantly affected by the dreadful famine situation in Ethiopia.  Thanks to the success of this appeal we have been providing emergency food relief to 118 families which include 470 children. This provision of flour, maize and cooking oils has ensured the gains the families have made over the years are sustained.  The children maintain good health and are able to continue attending school while the programme with the adults continues to develop.