Apex With Children In Crossfire | Children In Crossfire

Apex Housing Association have had a fantastic Partnership with Children in Crossfire for almost 17 years. We provide funding to Children in Crossfire who in turn offer opportunities to Apex staff that would otherwise not have been available. This strong relationship would not be possible without the commitment of our hard working, committed staff.

Since 2000, Apex staff have been fundraising to support Children in Crossfire projects in Kenya and Tanzania. So far over £200,000 has been raised by Apex which has enabled a wide range of projects to be delivered. These include the construction of a dam, a food/seed store, a community centre, a health centre with a residential block, an early childhood development centre, the renovation of a primary school and the setting up of a micro-financing project. These projects were located in two communities in Makutano, Kenya and Miwaleni, Tanzania where Children in Crossfire are implementing projects through local community organisations with the aim of targeting child health, education, promoting sustainability and saving lives.

So how does a partnership like this benefit Apex? Well, firstly it helps to promote a bond among those members of the workforce involved in our fundraising efforts. In a strange way, it can act as a welcome distraction to the normal working routine and daily focus on core business. But particularly rewarding are the trips that Children in Crossfire have organised for our staff to visit the projects on the ground. We have visited Africa three times and each trip has been a true life changing experience for the staff taking part. Seeing at first-hand daily life for these communities and all the joys and sorrows they face was a truly humbling experience for the staff of Apex. It is a real lesson in how the community should work – they come together to support each other and create community structures that provide a safety net for all.

We look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship with Children in Crossfire

Corporate Partnership with Children in Crossfire

Every business needs a good return on investment. So when you choose to invest in a corporate partnership with Children in Crossfire, we will work hard to make sure your investment pays off. A corporate partnership with Children in Crossfire can add significant value to your brand and reputation as well as marked differentiation from your competitors.

There are many reasons to be a part of Children in Crossfires vital work, and there are plenty of ways to get involved.  If you are interested in working with us or sponsoring an event, please get in touch on 02871269898.  Alternatively, you can sign up to Payroll Giving and help us every month.