Mary Kabati

As a lifelong teacher and advocate for young children and families, Mary Kabati embodies the Children in Crossfire values.  Mary is the program coordinator for Tanzania Home Economics Association, a Children in Crossfire –funded organization that empowers individuals, families and communities in Tanzania through education and training.

Through her work, advocating for young children and their families in partnership with Children in Crossfire, Mary and her team has been able to bring significant change to the lives of people, her passion for Tanzanians is an inspiring example for those seeking example around the world.

In this latest Podcast Mary discuses the impact on children in Mwanza, Tanzania.

“Children and women keep me going and as they change, I change with them and together we have the power to transform” Mary Kabati.

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  1. Big up Mary, we need people like you who are really committed to their job.Infact women can do something and make a difference!

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