Our programmes in Tanzania

Tanzania remains our largest overseas programme. It is driven by our team of nine staff, working closely with our local partners in our target regions. Since 2008 we have built a strong track record and reputation for delivering strong interventions that positively impact on thousands of children every year and advocating for the rights of all children in the country by contributing to national policy formulation.

By working closely with local government officials we have directly built capacity in the schools we support. Crucially, we have engaged at national government level to cultivate a deeper understanding of the importance of investing in young children for the country’s long-term development prospects. Our ability to demonstrate the benefits of quality pre-primary education and other early interventions in ways that prove they can be delivered throughout Tanzania creates momentum at national level, where we have invigorated the sector by supporting the National ECD Taskforce that is shaping policy.

Furthermore, our ongoing and growing partnerships with the Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UPTC) and the Tanzanian Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) have further raised the profile of Early Childhood Development as an issue of national importance.

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Our programmes in Ethiopia

Children in Crossfire continues to works exclusively through local partners in our target regions of Oromia and Addis Ababa. Plans to register and establish an office in 2020 are well advanced. During 2019, our programme was hampered by rising ethnic tensions and drought. Despite this, we still made significant progress in key areas and reached thousands of vulnerable children.

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