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Over the past few years we’ve been working closely with St Columb’s College, Derry. Our partnership with the school means we can work with teachers and pupils to explore global justice issues, and we benefit from the support the school offers us when it comes to fundraising and generating income for our programmes.

After a visit to Makka Primary School during the 2016 Culture Trip we were provided with this report for the from the principal about the pre-primary education programme.

Makka Primary School Report

A short report of the project Children in Crossfire for the baby class and pre-primary at Makaa Primary School. From the year 2012.

The project started from the year 2012 purposely to help the baby class. All operations were conducted by Maarifa Ni Unfunguo aimed to:

  • Build capacity of the teacher
  • Maarifa Ni Unfunguo created a space to improve the ability of the teacher to improvise teaching and learning materials for a conducive learning environment
Makka Primary School letter

Original Report

We were also provided with materials such as:

  • Mats
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Cupboards
  • Books
  • Games

The project has created education and built awareness for the parents to send their children to baby class. It has also helped to build a partnership between parents and teachers in such a way that the parents bring materials for teaching and learning that can be used for play and improvisation.

The project funded some women’s microfinance groups and others where by some percentage of the money raised was sent to the baby class teacher to support her, as sometimes parents delay to contribute.

The project has also provided education to the head teacher and school board about the need for a baby class and pre-primary class.

For all these benefits we really appreciate your support and are still in need of your support as we also face challenges as toilets for the kids are far away from the primary school children.


  1. I am Adria Calist the head teacher of Makaa Primary School at that time. I am now pursuing my second degree at Aga Khan University, the Institute of Educational Development Studies in East Africa. I was just tying to find out my school print and surprising come out with this post. I am so proud with the impacts the Fursa Kwa Watoto project was left within my school and the community in general. We are still in need with such a wonderful experience and collaboration we had together. The project really shapes our understanding of early years development education especially the kindergarten and baby class classes.
    Looking forward to receive from you.

  2. Dear Adrian,
    Thank you very much for your comment regarding our post on Makaa Primary School. It is also a pleasure on our side to know that our efforts to nurture Tanzanian children so that they have a chance to grow and thrive are appreciated. We thank you for being a very supportive partner in the implementation of our programme and sincere congratulation for pursuing further studies which proves that you are a true ECD champion and a lifelong learner. We wish you great success in your studies and career in general!

    Best regards

    Children in Crossfire

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