Pre Primary School Education

Great news from the classrooms of Tanzania.

An update from Fursa Kwa Watoto (Opportunities for Children).

One of the pilot projects we funded with our partners in Tanzania has been a great success.  The aim was to provide an improved and stimulating learning environment in pre-primary school education.  It is a four year programme and the lessons learned and best practice models are now being rolled out to more and more schools in the regions of Mwanza and Kilimanjaro.

Previously in these schools the pre-primary classroom was used as a kitchen (for cooking the daily porridge) or as a storeroom.  This was not an environment suitable to young children and learning.  As we know, in the first five years a child’s brain develops faster than at any other period, that is why it is so important that children learn.

The classrooms were cleared out, cleaned up and painted.  The teachers attended our training to help them set up use our learning kits and set up their rooms. The learning kits which our donors have helped to provide were delivered.  Distinct learning areas were set up in the classrooms to stimulate the children and help them explore and learn in a positive way.  The learning areas include locally available low-cost/no-cost items which the children assist in collecting.  There are age-appropriate books, board games, writing materials etc.  There is a real sense of community with parents, teachers and children all coming together to improve the classrooms and provide the best education for the children.

It’s been such a hit  here’s what some of the teachers have been saying;

“ There is now a really high attendance rate in classes due to the presence of pretty materials for the children to play with”.

“Since we have set up the learning areas I am finding it very hard during bye bye time as the children don’t want to leave”.

Thank you to everyone who makes this possible.