JustGiving is a global online social platform for giving. In the past 12 months our supporters have raised £40,336.40 on JustGiving for us. To say they are amazing is an understatement, and JustGiving is pretty good as well. It has re-written the fundraising rule book!  Here are 8 of the biggest benefits:

1.It’s super easy

 It only takes a minute or two.  JustGiving have everything covered, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

2. It’s yours

Bring your page alive!  Make it personal, explain your story and reasons why you have chosen your charity/event.  Post updates, photos and videos.

3. It’s going places

Maybe you have friends and relatives living in other cities or countries. Sending your link is an easy way for them to get involved. And there’s no need to chase anyone – we receive the money direct into our account.

4. It’s personal

Your close friends and family will want to help! Email them your JustGiving link telling them about the amazing challenge you have decided to do. They will be happy to donate.

5. It’s social

JustGiving loves being shared! Paste your link on your email signature, post on social media and text people.

6. It’s a celebration

Birthday presents! who needs them? Why not send guests your JustGiving link instead.  Even if it’s not your birthday, have a party and give people your link.

7. It’s persistent 

People don’t always get round to donating the first time.  S0 send a follow up email.  This can really work. And remember on average 20% of donations are received after the event.

8. It’s thoughtful 

Thank everyone who donates.  They will really appreciate it.  Send photos and updates of your completed event to those who donated.

Go for it!  https://www.justgiving.com/childrenincrossfire