As well as our work on the ground with children in Tanzania and Ethiopia, Children in Crossfire is committed to Development Education in Ireland and UK.

What is Development Education?’

Development Education allows us to understand the world around us and to help to transform it.  It aims to tackle the root causes of injustice and inequality, globally and locally. The world we live in is unequal, rapidly changing and often unjust. Our everyday lives are affected by global forces. Development Education is about understanding those forces and how to change them to create a more just and sustainable future for everyone

Children in Crossfire work with schools to deliver education Programmes.  We support teachers and students in exploring the reasons why poverty exists in a world of plenty, and to look at actions we can all take to make the world fairer and more peaceful. Over the last three years, 722 teachers and 209 school benefited from our Development Education initiatives in Ireland.  This means our message got out to 26,000 students!

Our team are working hard to make positive change in an unfair world.

To find out more about the programmes we offer, contact us or learn more here.  Awareness leads to Action and Action leads to Change!

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