Global Citizenship Education

Supporting teachers and young people as they navigate their way through our interconnected and every-changing word.

What is Global Citizenship Education?

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) enables us to explore key issues such as equality, climate justice, racism and human rights, through creative, innovative and interactive approaches. It gives us the opportunity to examine the impact of these issues globally and locally, including how our own lives are affected. It also supports us in considering how our values, choices and actions can contribute to or mitigate an issue and in exploring what action we can take to create positive change.

As GCE focuses on the interconnectedness of the world, it empowers us to create a more just and sustainable future for everyone.

Cultivating Global Citizenship

In partnership with Irish Aid, Children in Crossfire is committed to strengthening Ireland’s contribution to a sustainable and just world through a Development Education approach which fosters compassionate global citizenship.

Reports & Publications

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