World Water Day | Children in Crossfire

Children in Crossfire are delighted to have the continued support of Watercooler World as part of our ongoing programme in the Wolisso area of Ethiopia which aims to address the serious challenge of malnutrition in young children in that area.

Malnutrition, whether it be mild or severe, has a lifelong effect on children’s development that impacts their future potential. One of the successful aspects of our previous work has been the provision of access to safe clean water for vulnerable communities. Access to safe water is a key contributor to young children’s health and nutritional status.

For several years now, 150 Health Extension Workers, who have been trained and supported through St Luke’s by our NOURISH programme have raised awareness of these issues in the communities they work. This, in turn, has led to multiple requests from these communities for support to provide access to safe water. This project aims to meet this demand from the most vulnerable communities where cases of malnutrition are highest. Installation of the wells is done in partnership with community leaders who are trained in maintaining the wells over the long term. This partnership means the wells are sustained locally at little or no cost from the community.

Wolussoma Village

To date one of the shallow wells and pumps at Wolussoma village has been successfully installed. This well is serving a community of approximately 5,000 people with clean safe water rather than the long arduous treks endured fetching unclean water from pond sites. The well and its upkeep is managed by a committee elected by the villagers.

Beforehand Embet would travel long distance with other women and children to fetch water from the pond for her family.

“We have to come to the spring early morning and queue for long hours. During the rainy season the rocks are very slippery and most people end up falling and hurt themselves. We then have to carry heavy containers a long way home.” – Embet

Children in Crossfire in partnership with St Luke’s Hospital, have begun the construction on the next two wells. We are delighted that approximately 10,000 people will have access to clean, safe water for life.

World Water Day

World Water Day | Children In Crossfire

Your Donation will provide children like Remuzet with safe water for life

As part of World Water Day we are asking for your support in our mission to provide clean safe water to families in villages across Tanzania.  It costs as little as £25 to provide a family with the gift of clean safe water for life. You can donate today or purchase one of our Gifts for life as a present for someone special.

Remuzat Faris (right), aged 8, is enjoying a supply of fresh clean water from a new well near her home in South West Shoa, Ethiopia.   Clean water for life will mean that children like Remuzat will have the opportunity to attend school instead of having to walk long distances fetching water, which improves the future prospects of the whole community.  This free time gives women the opportunity to start small businesses and make an income for their families. Irrigation systems give nourishment to crops which, in turn, reduces hunger, giving hope for a better future.